Digitalization and Smart Government

Digital transformation is more than generating data, more than digital infrastructures and video conferencing, and more than start-up accelerators. It is about human beings and how our communication and interactions change with machines, bots, virtual teachers, games, and all of the technology combined. Whether it’s the promotion of smart cities and regions, digital ecosystems, or education, agile management, fast and efficient learning, adaptation, and rapid development make the difference. New models for control and cooperation are needed.

For more than two decades, we have been a pioneer of the network society, and we are equipped with the necessary tools for the age of digital transformation. We advise our clients on the use of network thinking, how to set up and govern processes and platforms for digital and data strategies, innovation in the Internet of Things and the future of work, the transformation of smart cities and regions, and the opportunities and challenges of a digital society. Despite the complexity, we ensure concrete outcomes with local impact, the engagement and coordination of all stakeholders and citizens in the transformation process, and collaboration with states and among stakeholders in Europe and across the world.

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