Energy and Climate

Across the globe, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and companies are taking an increasingly proactive approach to tackle climate change. The European Commission has created the European Green Deal, deliberately designed as a broad package of measures that would lead the EU to climate neutrality, promote economic growth, and ensure a fair transition for everyone. More than ever before, involving policymakers, interest groups, and citizens from all societal levels in the process will be a prerequisite for achieving ambitious goals.

Cadmus Europe is proud to help leaders in all areas find solutions around climate-related issues, mitigate impacts, and enhance sustainability and resilience. We are the neutral broker to mediate interests and build consensus. We help deliver results, including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, comprehensive climate-related risk evaluations, strategies to prepare for and adapt to climate and extreme weather events, and improved health, social, and economic outcomes for entire populations.

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