Fair Energy Transition for All

How European policymakers and relevant stakeholders will develop an energy transition that leaves no one behind

Client: Network of European Foundations, King Baudouin Foundation
Partner: European Policy Centre, Climate Outreach


Energy transition policies highlight the conflict between environmental and socio-economic challenges in European societies. Socially and economically disadvantaged groups need to be involved in the development of climate policies to ensure widespread public acceptance and comprehensive response. By better understanding, the impact of energy transition policies on the living conditions of economically vulnerable populations, European policymakers, and relevant stakeholders will be in a better position to develop an energy transition that leaves no one behind.

On the initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation, the Network of European Foundations called on a European consortium to address the need for mediation and dialogue between European policymakers and vulnerable individuals, who so far have been unheard of in the climate debate. The initiative aims at involving 1000 citizens in nine European countries and consulting 200 experts on national and European levels.

The goal is to explore:

  • How to ensure that the costs and benefits of the energy transition are shared fairly across all societal levels,
  • How Europe and its member states can avoid that policies hit the pockets of poorer households the hardest,
  • How to best reconcile action for energy transition and social justice.

ifok as European Service Provider coordinates the project and all involved partners and is responsible for the design of the overall process.

IfokĀ“s services include:

  • Overall project management and process coordination on the European and national level
  • Coordination of national partners in nine countries including training and quality management
  • Methodological contribution to the involvement of vulnerable target groups, stakeholder involvement, and training
  • Analysis of national results, concluding a synthesis report for the European level
  • Concept and coordination of website plus general project communication