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Pinpoint practical solutions to complex health challenges

Public Health Services Overview

Pinpoint practical solutions to complex health challenges

Public health has a long tradition of promoting healthy practices and working to prevent illness among the general population. While public health professionals, along with healthcare providers, continue to keep populations safe through conventional methods, new and complex challenges to their missions are emerging. A collaborative, comprehensive effort among all stakeholders, with accurate analysis and modeling of research, planning, studies, exercises, focus groups, policies, and networks, is essential to limit morbidity and mortality.

Cadmus is proud to help clients across all levels of government and the private sector evaluate health programs, develop strategies for action, conduct outreach, and ultimately improve health outcomes. Our multidisciplinary expertise in environmental sciences, data analytics, security, health, and communications uniquely positions us to help build the most effective public health programs and policies.

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Health Security

Advance health security and resilience to save lives

Our modern era is rife with countless and growing threats to public health. From naturally occurring and human-caused events to cyber attacks, empowering communities to address multifaceted health security issues requires comprehensive insights, a deep understanding of program impacts, and effective coordination with stakeholder communities. At the same time, preparation for scenarios as diverse as bioterrorism, nuclear radiation, and the outbreak of a life-threatening pandemic requires a complex network of biosurveillance, data identification, medical countermeasures, health security, emergency management, and healthcare plans and assets to be developed and shared across multiple partners.

Complex challenges demand multidisciplinary solutions. Cadmus supports clients with teams of experts in public health and healthcare emergency preparedness, emergency response, data science, economic analysis, communications, and homeland security. Our experts have tactical and operational experience on the ground in addition to policy and strategic experience at the highest levels of government and industry. We are proud to have helped clients from all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector achieve success in all aspects of public health by crafting realistic and effective plans, training, exercises, strategies, doctrine, and communications campaigns that take all critical perspectives into account.

Environmental Health

Mobilize your community to increase wellness

Environmental pollutants, a lack of adequate local care, and common misperceptions contribute to diminished health outcomes for entire populations—especially those that are underserved and vulnerable.

Cadmus helps government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and private entities by conducting research and developing strategies to address environmental health risks and high-cost chronic diseases. Our approach enables our clients to craft supportive policies, build tools, communicate risks, motivate and organize communities, train stakeholders who are closest to the issues, and evaluate program outcomes.

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Drinking Water

Deliver safe water from the source to the tap

Providing a steady supply of drinking water that meets all safety standards is vital to public health, but doing so requires thoughtful and strategic planning, effective treatment, and rigorous management.

Cadmus is proud to have helped government agencies at every level since our founding in 1983, including local communities, states, tribes, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our experts have helped create effective policies, assess risks, plan for contingencies, gain health and safety insights, provide training, and perform compliance testing. Additionally, we’ve provided support in health sciences, engineering, survey research, regulatory analysis, and information systems. We’ve served as the largest primary contractor for the EPA’s Ground Water and Drinking Water program for several decades.

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Organizational Change Management

Becoming adept at change is critical, yet few things are more challenging

Effective change management is about navigating a moment in time, and then creating the organizational will, resilience, and muscle memory that encourage individuals and teams to embrace and adopt new ideas.

When we approach a change management project, we look beyond the initial catalyst for change. We know that change has a lifecycle and does not happen in a vacuum. A problem with change today could be a problem with communication or team dynamics or training tomorrow.

Our proprietary methodology enables us to help our clients strategically navigate their change initiatives so they can thrive and build a team who is adept at navigating change.

  • How an organization manages change—the strategies, approaches, and messaging used —can take a team who is resistant to change, and help them to embrace new ideas and become high performers.
  • The key to designing the right change management approach is to gain a deep understanding of the motivations and concerns of the various stakeholder groups. Effective change management creates a shift in behaviors, greater employee engagement, and enthusiasm for new, shared initiatives.

What we offer:

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational assessment
  • Culture change
  • Organizational design
  • Change readiness
  • Change management
  • Employee engagement

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

Inspire action with effective communication

An organization’s connection with its stakeholders is not a given; it’s earned. Whether we’re building community around a shared cause or facilitating engaging experiences online, understanding stakeholders’ motivations and concerns helps clients create intentional connections and harness the power of fully engaged stakeholders.

We pair winning outreach and relationship building strategies with proprietary approaches and actionable programming designed to engage and motivate your stakeholders and make an impact. Our communications expertise is backed by deep insight into our clients’ markets, creativity and best practice messaging and delivery, and a commitment to measuring effectiveness to ensure strategy leads to results.

What we offer

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Strategic marketing and communications strategy
  • Message development
  • Communications execution
  • Event design and management

Workforce Transformation

Skilled people, aligned with an inspiring vision, will create lasting, positive change

Workforce Transformation. It sounds like a huge endeavor. But at its core, it’s about assessing and developing the talent within your organization and ensuring the right people with the right skills are in the right positions to deliver on your mission. It involves engaging your talented staff and creating opportunities for them to envision and execute solutions to your organization’s most complex challenges.

We help organizations evolve—for the better. Without question, doing it is hard; and it takes more than the right tools, or expertise, or processes. It requires thinking differently about your challenges and how to approach them.

At Cadmus, we go deeper to diagnose the root issue, identify gaps, and develop a tailored program that will deliver the results you are looking for. We work creatively to align people, actions, and results — driving both buy-in and adoption— and building on decades of experience in successful workforce transformation initiatives.

What we offer

  • Workforce planning and development
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA)
  • Employee experience
  • Organizational development
  • Human capital IT solutions

Enterprise Optimization

Enterprise optimization is what we do and the outcome we deliver

No matter their size or mission, organizations are more effective and efficient when their strategies and goals—and the processes they rely on to achieve them—are well calibrated and well communicated. Enterprise optimization, therefore, is both a Cadmus offering and an outcome. It’s an integrated suite of services, tailored for an organization’s unique needs and designed to deliver results. It’s the way we help executives and their organizations define success, build the roadmap to get there, and meet the milestones along the way.

Too often, enterprise optimization is viewed as a rote process of metrics reporting and executive sign-off. Our methodology is effective because it encourages teams to surface issues and risks in a supported environment, engages people in collaborative discussion to resolve issues, and ensures accountability through the tracking of actions and a structured, consistent meeting cadence.

  • Well-run organizations have a visionary strategy, shared goals, and a set of clear priorities.
  • They put in place effective governance and performance measurement tools that drive collaboration and accountability—practices that become embedded in every aspect of their operations.
  • They choose partners that expertly navigate strategic and tactical activities; partners that develop a strategy and then roll up their sleeves to make it happen.

We work creatively to align people, actions, and results, driving both buy-in and adoption and building on decades of experience in successful business optimization initiatives.

What we offer

  • Strategic planning and roadmap development
  • IT/business performance management
  • Portfolio management
  • Program leadership and governance
  • Executive reporting

Inclusion and Accessibility

Building the society of tomorrow, today

Today’s leaders in government and industry are working together to build a future rooted in equity. Cadmus collaborates with our clients to create more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible (DEIA) programs, services, and partnerships that support all people and the communities where they live.

We work across sectors to convene diverse stakeholders to co-create a shared vision. We then work together to dismantle barriers, prioritize equitable investments, provide technical assistance, and develop data-driven systems of accountability to measure success.

Additionally, we work within agencies and organizations to help build more diverse workforces, create cultures of belonging, and develop transparent systems that support career advancement. Through this approach, we help ensure that the products, services, and programs our clients create contribute to a more equitable future.

What we offer

  • Equity frameworks
  • DEIA culture building
  • Inclusive workforce development
  • Program and social equity
  • Partnership and supplier diversity
  • Accessibility services

Delivering Customer Experience

Creating the ideal customer experience is a marathon, not a sprint

Delivering exceptional CX requires passion, a customer-centric mindset, and deliberate planning and execution. Every experience, every touchpoint requires careful planning and execution to delight customers.

Companies such as Amazon, Apple and other innovators outpace their competitors because they relentlessly keep CX top-of-mind. They leverage best-in-class CX methodologies, personalization technology, AI and other tools that are changing customer expectations about how their experiences should feel. These companies understand that these investments will pay for themselves in reduced operating costs.

Federal agencies must keep pace by ensuring that their people, working in service of a compelling vision and a detailed CX roadmap, deliver the ideal experience time and time again. Together with your leadership team our experts will help define your CX vision, identify and engage with your customers, and design and facilitate journey mapping exercises using personas to pinpoint your most important customer interactions. We understand that designing successful CX campaigns isn’t about managing a checklist but producing a shift in thinking.

What we offer

  • CX assessments
  • Customer personas
  • Tailored communications
  • Removing barriers to service delivery
  • Continuous improvement, based on the voice of the customer
  • Tracking qualitative and quantitative metrics