Our Commitments
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Our commitments in the workplace and across society

Mission and Vision

Compelled to help solve the world’s most challenging problems, Cadmus is committed to advancing diversity and fostering a culture of equity in the workplace and across society. We strive to maintain an inclusive environment where all employees feel connected, respected, and valued, enabling them to collaborate effectively and deliver extraordinary results for our clients and trusted partners.

We practice radical empathy and promote social justice to purposefully cultivate a diverse workforce and inclusive environment that strengthens society.

We take the following approach to fostering a culture of equity:


Increase company awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and embed these values into the company ethos.


Minimize bias within decision-making processes to build trust and push the boundaries of what is possible.


Build leadership capacity for sustaining an equitable and inclusive work environment that stimulates creativity, growth, and prosperity.


Leverage data analysis and insights to guide strategy, establish objectives, promote accountability, and measure impact.

These are the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us navigate the journey:


Looking inward and around us to challenge assumptions, overcome stereotypes, and interrupt biased behaviors


Giving everyone a voice and valuing different perspectives to unlock innovation


Standing up and speaking out against harmful cultural norms that perpetuate inequities


Acting with kindness and generosity to champion inclusivity and relieve human suffering


Expressing sincere and honest feedback consistently and equitably without prejudice or malice


Creating a diverse workplace and inclusive environment where we prioritize the psychological safety and mental well-being of every team member


Recognizing that we are individually and collectively embarking on this journey of challenging the status quo, holding ourselves and others accountable, and staying the course in difficult times