Cadmus Awarded Multi-year, USAID ES3 Contract With a $93 Million Total Ceiling

Over 18 Years Supporting USAID With Advancing Environmental and Social Safeguards in its Mission and Programs 

ARLINGTON, Virginia., October 12, 2023 — Cadmus, a leading provider of technical and strategic expertise to governments, energy utilities, and private sector companies worldwide, announced today it has been awarded the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Environmental and Social Safeguarding Support project (ES3). Under this $93 million, five-year OASIS task order, Cadmus and its team—including major subcontractor Environmental Incentives—will deliver technical assistance, training, and other support for USAID’s implementation of its environmental and social safeguards to any USAID operating unit that elects to buy into the contract. Cadmus will use its technical expertise to deliver a program management portal which will provide real-time financial and program management insights.  This award enables Cadmus to continue and expand on the work the firm initiated as prime contractor for USAID’s predecessor contracts, Global Environmental Management Support (GEMS) I, GEMS II, and most recently, as a major subcontractor under the Environmental Compliance Support (ECOS) contract. Winning ES3 highlights Cadmus’ ongoing role as the Agency’s leading safeguards support contractor.   

The ES3 contract provides USAID bureaus, missions, and overseas offices with technical, educational, and knowledge management assistance to facilitate compliance with 22 CFR 216, Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) Sections 117/118/119, regulatory requirements, and executive order and Agency policy objectives. This single-award, Agency-wide contract supports a consistent, quality approach to safeguards implementation across USAID, including implementing partner training and environmental officer backstopping support. It is intended to help USAID advance safeguards across all of its programming, facilitate the sharing of lessons learned, reduce compliance risks, provide training, facilitate capacity building, and reduce transaction costs of operating units that seek access to environmental compliance and related services. 

Under ES3, Cadmus will continue to support USAID with responsive, efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality execution to support current and future safeguards challenges and opportunities in a manner consistent with USAID’s localization; climate; diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility; and other key Agency priorities and policies. Cadmus will deliver via its dedicated in-house USAID safeguards support team, its in-house and global network of subject matter experts, and by bringing to USAID the full capabilities of its small business-centered ES3 team.  

“We are incredibly proud that the Cadmus team has been awarded this contract to continue our environmental and social safeguards support for USAID,” said President and CEO Ian Kline. “Through our support for its predecessors, GEMS I and II and ECOS, we have helped the Agency integrate leading safeguards approaches across its program cycle to best assure the environmental and social sustainability of development interventions across USAID’s portfolio. Cadmus looks forward to supporting USAID and its implementing partners under this new contract.”  

Cadmus recently expanded its capabilities in further support of USAID in economic development, trade, and digitization strategy with its acquisition of Nathan Associates, a private international economic and analytics consulting firm that has worked for 75 years with government and commercial clients around the globe. Integrating Nathan Associates’ legacy and expertise, Cadmus will continue to deepen its work advancing environmental and social goals in an international development context. 

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