Cadmus Expands Portfolio Offerings with Technology and Innovation Services

Driving advanced technical solutions into Cadmus’ practice areas to enhance and expand IT service capabilities

WALTHAM, Mass., April 14, 2022—Cadmus, a leading provider of technical and strategic expertise to governments, energy utilities, and private sector companies worldwide, announces the expansion of its Technology and Innovation Services to deliver actionable mission results through transformative technologies.

The Technology and Innovation Services offering will drive advanced technical solutions into Cadmus’ practice areas to enhance and expand IT service capabilities. The next generation of challenges requires transformative technologies combined with domain expertise. Cadmus’ Technology and Innovation Services will enhance offerings across the entire global Cadmus Group of companies – encompassing the commercial and public U.S. sectors, and European sectors.

“Cadmus has long utilized innovative technologies to help our clients reap the full benefit of our consultants’ subject matter expertise. Now, in the evolving technology landscape, we are leaning forward by reshaping the way our enterprise harnesses data to ensure our clients are better equipped than ever before to overcome their challenges, maximize their opportunities, and thrive,” said President and CEO Ian Kline. “Leveraging our industry-leading expertise with cutting-edge technologies will reposition Cadmus as a leader in the technology and innovation space and drive significant growth in all our sectors around the globe.” 

Cadmus’ Technology and Innovation Services will merge technical and subject matter expertise, industry experience, and the latest platforms and innovations to help clients achieve extraordinary results. Leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning, business intelligence and enterprise data warehouse, stakeholder and public engagement, business transformation, technology modernization, agile application development, and cloud computing, these services will provide current and future Cadmus clients tools for success.  

About Cadmus

Cadmus is a strategic and technical consultancy compelled to help solve the world’s most challenging problems. We assemble outstanding teams of leading experts leveraging transformative technologies to work seamlessly across disciplines to help you achieve extraordinary results. From energy, water, and transportation to safety, security, and resilience — together, we are strengthening society and the natural world. Cadmus’ more than 600 consultants serve government, commercial, and nongovernmental organizations around the world.