Chad Laurent Discusses Clean Technology Pledges with BBC News

Cadmus Principal Chad Laurent joined BBC World News to discuss the clean technology pledges made by world leaders at COP26​ on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Read and watch the interview between Cadmus Principal Chad Laurent and BBC anchor David Eades below for more discussion on the proposed actions and pledges that can make a real meaningful difference:

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These pledges could lead to real actions both in sectors where we have the technologies and need to accelerate their deployment, such as renewables, electric vehicles, and grid modernization, and in harder-to-reach sectors like steel and agriculture. Next steps would be to see follow-through on these clean technology pledges, get some projects up and running, show success, and share results and lessons-learned with the global community.

Cadmus principal Chad Laurent speaking on BBC News about clean technology

The key challenge with making these pledges? Getting the rules, regulations, and policies right at every level of government in order to get clean technology financed and built out at scale. Each level of government has its own obstacles to overcome to create financial and building plans for projects that will support these clean technology pledges. Changes to regulatory frameworks will enable these policies to be developed and implemented. Commitments from governments and corporations are needed to create a market that helps move policy and regulations forward to accelerate this technology.

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