Dr. Dirk Rompf

Senior Vice President

Dr. Dirk Rompf joined the Cadmus Group of companies as a senior vice president and ifok as a managing director in early 2021, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in the private sector and academia and a drive to shape sustainable change. Previously, Dirk spent a decade at top management consultancies (including McKinsey and Oliver Wyman), primarily in the areas of transportation, logistics, infrastructure, and utilities. In his 13 years at Deutsche Bahn, he held a number of managerial positions and oversaw the successful merger of two subsidiaries, coinciding with a significant growth in staff productivity and satisfaction. With a strong track record of investment in new companies, Dirk’s key interests are in digital transformation, sustainable growth, performance enhancement, and reorientation.

Currently an honorary professor at the International School of Management in Frankfurt am Main, Dirk taught international logistics and supply chain management for several years. He is a member of several advisory boards in civil society organizations that focus on technology, transportation, and construction.

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