Katherine Martel


Kathy Martel is a Senior Associate and Professional Engineer with the Government Services team. She has 35 years of experience providing technical support to EPA and other government agencies on drinking water quality and infrastructure issues. She is a certified water operator and teaches prep classes to help new operators gain certification. She conducts sanitary surveys of public water systems and teaches classes to help other engineers survey ground water and surface water systems. Ms. Martel conducts research projects for EPA and the Water Research Foundation and develops guidance manuals and research reports that provide practical information for operating and maintaining public water systems. She has completed more than 100 engineering plan reviews for the New Mexico Engineering Department to verify that designs for new water supplies, pumping stations, and treatment systems meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Kathy Martel has a broad range of work experience including design engineering, research, and utility operations. Early in her career she spent five years designing drinking water and wastewater pumping systems, treatment facilities, and pipelines. She spent eight years focused on conducting research projects for the Water Research Foundation focusing on distribution system water quality and infrastructure issues. Ms. Martel worked for five years in the corporate office of a private water company where she gained experience with capital improvement programs and optimization of drinking water system operations.

Ms. Martel holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Maine and New Mexico. She is a Grade 4 certified operator in both water treatment and water distribution. She has been a member of American Water Works Association for more than 30 years.

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