Kristie Rupper

Senior Associate

Kristie Rupper is an expert at designing and executing research, analysis, and evaluation studies that deliver actionable insights to drive effective customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and process improvements. At Cadmus, she has over 8 years of experience leading program evaluations, market research, market characterization, and customer segmentation studies. She specializes in designing and implementing market research activities including stakeholder, trade ally, and other market actor interviews, logic model and literature reviews, and participant and customer surveys.

Before joining Cadmus, Kristie worked in market research for over 15 years, where she designed and implemented telephone and online market research projects using best practices for survey and sample frame design. She guided the implementation of survey data collection projects and worked on many large-scale, multiyear social policy projects focused on program awareness, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer motivation and behavior.

Kristie holds a bachelor’s degree in public health from Utah State University.

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