Michael Colby


Michael Colby leads Cadmus’ transportation electrification consulting work. He has over 16 years of experience designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating demand-side management, demand response, distributed energy resource, and transportation electrification programs for utilities across North America. Michael brings significant real-world experience working with key stakeholders in the energy industry and has a deep understanding of the barriers to decarbonizing the energy and transportation industries.

Before joining Cadmus, Michael was the Manager of Clean Transportation Product Development for Xcel Energy, where he led the development of the utility’s transportation electrification portfolio across eight states and four operating companies. Michael played a leading role in the design, development, launch, and implementation of Xcel Energy’s first-ever Transportation Electrification Plan in Colorado, which was a three-year, $110 million plan covering 2021–2023 and led the design and development of the follow up three-year, $264 million plan covering 2024–2026. Michael also designed, developed, and launched the Minnesota Electric Vehicle Subscription Service Pilot, which was named the Smartest Transportation Electrification Project of 2020 by Public Utilities Fortnightly. Mr. Colby’s career in the energy industry began at San Diego Gas & Electric in 2008 where he supported the company’s first vehicle-grid-integration pilot amongst other things.

Michael earned a master’s degree in economics from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in urban studies from San Francisco State University. He is an AESP Institute Trainer where he teaches a course entitled Introduction to the Principles of Transportation Electrification.

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