Raman Mandapaka, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President

For over twenty years, Dr. Raman Mandapaka has led practice areas providing consulting services in risk, compliance, IT, and data. He has championed large, complex projects, grown diverse, committed, and talented teams that thrived on project ownership, and effectively defended business processes to oversight bodies.

Raman works with chief compliance officers to develop and oversee programs and implement solutions to ensure regulatory compliance. Combining liquidity, market, credit risk, operational, and model risk under one umbrella to provide focused services to the financial services industry, he works closely with chief risk officers, heads of treasury, chief credit officers, chief data officers, and model risk officers to establish and manage programs ranging from enterprise risk to analytics.

Raman has provided consulting services to large and multinational banks, regional and community banks, government sponsored entities, central banks, and regulatory agencies. He leads the validation and implementation of various accounting requirements including the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) framework. He developed systems and strategies to comply with U.S. and International (IFRS) GAAP reporting requirements. He also helped select and implement leading vendor solutions for accounting for credit losses.

As a leading expert in governance, Raman combines years of experience in helping set up enterprise risk governance programs, policies, and procedures. He has built and transitioned departments to address enterprise risk challenges and to adhere to regulatory needs while enhancing business profitability.

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