Robin Camarote

Senior Associate

Robin Camarote is a leadership trainer, executive coach, and author, passionate about democratizing leadership skills. She champions the idea that leadership isn’t exclusive to titles and “all boats rise” when we offer essential leadership development to all employees. It’s about fostering understanding and empowering everyone to do their best work.

With over two decades of experience in both government and private sectors, she’s honed a unique ability to train and coach diverse groups, enhancing their effectiveness and impact. Author of Amazon best-sellers “Flock, Getting Leaders to Follow” and “Own It: Drive Your Career to a Place of Happiness and Success”, she provides frameworks for enhancing leadership and vision articulation.

She also writes a weekly column for and has been featured on platforms like and Business Insider. Her recent TEDx talk, “I Was the World’s Worst Manager”, showcases her candid insights into management.

Holding a bachelor’s degree from James Madison University and affiliations with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Robin’s expertise is underpinned by experiences living in many places across the country from Alaska to Virginia. Residing in Falls Church with her family, she enjoys connecting with others, always eager to innovate and converse.

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