Sabine Klose

ifok Executive Board

Sabine joined the ifok team in 2005, and she has led the ifok.event team since 2008. As the company’s in-house events agency, ifok.event is responsible for the tailored design, professional planning, full-service organization and implementation of all aspects of ifok’s major events. These span the range of ifok’s substantive expertise, including labor market issues, sustainability, energy policy, health, and youth and citizen participation. In her role as director of ifok.event, Sabine advises on all aspects of dialogue-oriented event design, engagement methods and formats for a variety of different target groups, including internationally, and has led the development of ifok.ideactive.

Sabine studied political science at the University of Bamberg, where she specialized in public administration and European law. She worked for several years in research and teaching at the university level before joining ifok.

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