Tess Perselay

Technical Director

Tess Perselay is a gender inclusion, quantitative, and management expert at Cadmus. Tess provides expertise on women’s economic empowerment, social inclusion, regional and multilateral organizations, and data and quantitative measures. In addition, she authored a number of recent studies focused on quantitative methods, including the Economic Impact Assessment on Legal and Regulatory Reform for Women, APEC Women and the Economy Dashboard, the APEC Women in Transportation (WiT) Data Framework, the Collecting Taxes Database, an analysis on the employment of people with disabilities across the Asia-Pacific region, among others.

Tess is also well trained in data visualization, including knowledge in static and interactive representations, and is fluent in Stata, SPSS, Excel, and R and has experience with Tableau, Adobe Illustrator for data visualization, and D3. She received her master’s degree in public policy with a concentration in development economics from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in political science and English from Syracuse University.

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