Services - International Development
Empowering Public and Private Stakeholders to Achieve Sustainable Impact

International Development Services Overview

Strengthen long-term outcomes with strategic foundations

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Operating in 120+ countries, Cadmus assists clients in evaluating and
managing risks and vulnerabilities in international development projects and programs. Our tailored strategies, models, and capacity-building efforts deliver tangible, actionable outcomes that address critical challenges head-on.

We take pride in our pragmatic approach to delivering impactful solutions at a local level. Our in-house technical team, along with high-performing colleagues from the regions where we work, collaborate to develop advanced solutions,
leveraging their extensive field expertise. Our clients include host country governments, the U.S. Agency for International Development, Millenium Challenge Corporation, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the U.K. Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the United Nations agencies, multilateral and bilateral development banks, and nongovernmental organizations.

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Economic Growth

Establish a sound business-enabling environment to expand economic opportunities

Cadmus is a leader in offering practical context informed economic development solutions in a range of economic technical areas including trade and investment, private sector development, strengthened financial markets, legal and regulatory reform, and public financial management.

In partnership with governments, the private sector, and civil society we support the achievement of sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economic growth underpinned by a sound business-enabling environment, market systems, and a vibrant private sector. We are deeply committed to expanding economic opportunities for all segments of society including women and marginalized populations.


Build context-appropriate solutions for improved financial management

Cadmus is a global leader in advancing outcome-driven governance and accountability. With extensive
expertise in helping governments and civil society transform fiscal management and macroeconomic policy institutions, promote citizen and civil society engagement, and harmonize governance across
sectors, we drive positive impacts in health, education, and economic growth at national and subnational levels.

Our tailored tools and methodologies enhance revenue administration, tax policy, public expenditure management, procurement efficiency, and public sector digitization and security. Our advisory services bolster collaborations with institutions to implement reform plans that address economic and institutional governance weaknesses. We prioritize local capacity-building to strengthen governance and policy reform, fostering sustainable economic growth and effective public service delivery.

Trade and Investment

Reduce the time and cost to trade and spur investment opportunities for underserved markets

Cadmus is a leader in trade and investment solutions, slashing time and costs. We specialize in non-tariff barriers, compliance with trade facilitation agreements, and digital trade. We work closely with customs authorities to enhance regulatory frameworks and implement cutting-edge technologies such as trade portals and single windows to ensure seamless clearance procedures.

Leveraging market driven strategies, we promote financial inclusion and stability in underserved markets, and facilitate public-private partnerships—with a strong focus on structured finance and improved regulations, including blended finance, we collaborate with financial institutions to unlock finance access for marginalized sectors. Cadmus offers transaction advisory services for micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), climate finance, and strategic infrastructure investments spanning energy, ports, roads, and information and communications technology (ICT).

Digital Transformation

Reach more people and drive sustainable outcomes with technology-enabled tools

Cadmus empowers governments, the private sector, and civil society to drive economic and social development through enhanced access to digital solutions, increased connectivity, and flourishing digital economies. We spearhead initiatives ranging from facilitating public-private investments in crucial information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure to refining legal frameworks for digital commerce.

Our focus encompasses championing digital governance and e-commerce, promoting digital literacy and skills, advocating for responsible digital practices, fortifying cybersecurity, and facilitating the integration of emerging technologies like FinTech, AI, Open RAN, Internet of Things, and Low-Earth Orbit satellites. We are dedicated to crafting technology-driven solutions that reach diverse demographics and deliver sustainable, tangible impact.

Private Sector Development

Advance sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economic growth

Cadmus strives for sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economic growth underpinned with a sound business-enabling environment, market systems solutions, and a vibrant private sector. Our experience in applying market systems, competitiveness, and value chain strengthening approaches resulted in functioning markets, enhanced opportunities for micro- small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), increased exports, and strengthened value chains. We are dedicated to advancing improvements in the commercial, legal, and regulatory environments, ensuring that rules are fair, understood, and enforceable for all domestic and international companies.

Environment, Climate, and Resilience

For strong, sustainable, international development outcomes

Cadmus strengthens development outcomes through innovative, nature-based, and climate-resilient solutions across various sectors. Our expertise spans environmental and social safeguards, water, sanitation, and resources management, as well as natural resources stewardship, green transition and infrastructure, and marine/coastal management, alongside agriculture.

We focus on improving sustainable and equitable economic growth while mitigating vulnerability to disasters and climate change impacts. We develop and implement strategies for adaptation and resilience, conduct sector-specific vulnerability assessments, provide technical assistance for policy development and reform, facilitate disaster preparedness and recovery, and plan for climate mitigation and resilience. We specialize in inclusive stakeholder engagement and comprehensive training programs that yield effective, sustainable initiatives. Committed to global impact, Cadmus builds resilient communities worldwide.

Clean Energy

Power a viable and sustainable energy future

Cadmus is a leader in global energy sector reform, renewable energy growth, and disaster and climate planning. We offer various services to international development organizations and on-the-ground projects, focused on expanding access to affordable, equitable, reliable, secure, and clean energy while mitigating disaster and climate risks.

Our core capabilities include developing best practice guides and conducting energy sector-wide assessments, providing technical assistance to host-country governments and utilities on energy policy development and reform, disaster resilience and recovery, climate change adaptation and mitigation planning, renewable energy financing, stakeholder engagement, and tailored training programs.

Gender and Social Inclusion

Create more productive economies by expanding women's access and engagement

Cadmus is a leader in women’s economic empowerment (WEE), integrating gender and social inclusion (GSI) across our comprehensive economic growth programs and implement GSI-specific activities.

We conduct gender-lens constraints analysis, implement tailored GESI solutions, and foster economic opportunities for women, youth, and marginalized groups. By enhancing women’s access to property, capital, markets, and technology, we drive more inclusive and productive economies. Our bespoke tools gauge a country’s progress in advancing women’s economic opportunities and highlight the detrimental effects of restrictive regulations.

Our experts conduct gender equality workshops, audits, and assessments. WEE is seamlessly integrated into all our programs through gender-sensitive strategies, tools, and approaches spanning entrepreneurship, finance access, public financial management, trade, digital literacy, and transportation.

Analytical Services

Apply rigorous methodologies and tools to inform decisions and monitor progress

Crafting effective projects requires a deep grasp of economic, political, social, and environmental challenges that impede good governance and economic growth. At Cadmus, we rely on rigorous data analysis to shape our programs. We utilize top-tier tools such as market systems analysis, Millenium Challenge Corporation’s growth diagnostic, and the World Bank’s Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool, alongside innovative assessments like Systems Analytic Framework for the Digital Economy, the Digital Ecosystem Country Assessments, and the Gender Analysis Checklist Methodology to ensure thorough economic constraints analysis.

We employ cutting-edge methods for environmental and social analysis to mitigate impacts and promote broad societal benefits, including enhanced livelihoods and economic opportunities. Our dedicated in-house monitoring, evaluation, and learning team employs advanced approaches to monitor progress against outcome indicators, guiding strategic decisions and facilitating necessary adjustments.