An Earth Day Message from Ian Kline

Ian Kline

Each year, the world observes Earth Day on April 22. Here at Cadmus, the dynamic and deeply interconnected nature of sustainability is woven through our work every single day. The need to address the climate crisis and other environmental threats has never been more urgent, and we have the privilege of being uniquely well equipped to rise up and meet the challenges in front of us.

Today, Cadmus is more than 1,000 colleagues strong, and every one of us brings unique knowledge and perspectives that are essential to create a sustainable world for generations to come. Through seamless collaboration between colleagues in diverse fields, we are honored to support our clients in working toward a safer, healthier environment and equitable and resilient communities. We take great pride and inspiration in the contributions our team makes to this complex and critically important mission, as well as the commitments Cadmus has made as an organization to reducing our environmental impact which are illustrated below.

This Earth Day and every day, Cadmus remains committed to our shared vision of a sustainable planet.

At CADMUS, We don't just talk the talk. (screen capture of linked pdf)

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