Our Commitments
Sustainability and Resilience Policy

As an industry leader in the areas of energy; safety, security, and resilience; climate; water; technology; health; international development; and sustainable transportation, Cadmus has consistently helped our clients achieve extraordinary outcomes for decades.

Our dedication to sustainability and resilience extends beyond clients to our own business operations, strategy, and the health and wellness of the communities in which we live and work. Cadmus’ integrated sustainability and resilience policy is based on the following seven principles:

1. Establish measurable sustainability and resilience targets

Cadmus will identify and establish measurable sustainability and resilience targets annually that reflect our position as a leading consulting firm with global, multigenerational impact and offices, operations, and staff worldwide.

2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and impacts to resources

Cadmus will mitigate the environmental impacts of doing business through initiatives such as energy and water conservation, recycling, composting, and environmentally preferable product purchasing. In addition, Cadmus will measure, disclose, and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and report on our progress through independent reporting bodies such as The Climate Registry and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

3. Achieve carbon neutrality

Cadmus will seek carbon neutrality in the company’s operations by first implementing measures and tactics that use resources more efficiently and then offsetting remaining emissions that cannot be mitigated directly.

4. Prepare for and manage risks and opportunities presented by all hazards

Cadmus will identify, assess, and prioritize the various risks and opportunities that climate change, extreme weather events, and other natural and human-caused disasters present to the company’s operations and assets, and to the communities in which we live and work, while integrating these into Cadmus’ broader management processes.

5. Refine response planning

Cadmus will incorporate all emerging climate risks and hazards into internal crisis response planning with the aim of cultivating a resilience-informed perspective among employees and safeguarding the interests of key stakeholders, the Cadmus brand, reputation, and the quality and reliability of the support we provide our clients.

6. Report annually

Cadmus will prepare and distribute an annual integrated sustainability and resilience report and an annual assessment of the company’s sustainability and resilience objectives and goals in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative standards to share information with key stakeholders, including clients and staff.

7. Continually improve

Cadmus will continually improve the identification, measurement, and mitigation of the company’s environmental and climate footprint, risks, and opportunities across all aspects of its operations and assets, including infrastructure, equipment, travel, transit, employees, and procurement. Measuring Cadmus’ achievements towards the established and regularly updated sustainability and resilience targets will continually improve Cadmus’ performance and its contributions to local and global sustainability and resilience while advancing the firm’s focus on driving social and economic value.