Energy Resilience in Jamaica
Strengthening Energy Sector Resilience in Jamaica Overview


ERA in Action Solar PV Systems Contracted System Type PV System Number of systems: 21 Total kW: 1244.53 System Type PV + Storage Number of systems: 14 Total kW: 1,136.40 Total Number of systems:35 Total kW: 2,380.93
“Strengthening Energy Sector Resilience in Jamaica” is a three-year partnership between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Jamaica Energy Resilience Alliance (JERA). Led by Cadmus and with USAID support, JERA offers specialized support to Jamaican businesses seeking to reduce power costs, increase reliability of supply, and green their operations. JERA will help you:

  1. Understand how solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, including with battery storage (PV+), can benefit your business;
  2. Navigate the regulatory and installation processes; and
  3. Access financing from PV/PV+ developer partners with up to USD 50 million of available capital for investment-quality projects.

JERA is supporting a wide range of renewable energy market development activities to strengthen the resilience of Jamaica’s energy sector. See our program brief for more information: Jamaican Energy Resilience Alliance Program Statement.

How Can JERA Help Me?

Jamaican Businesses and Electricity Consumers

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of PV/PV+ for your business and how to purchase or finance a PV/PV+ system, JERA is here to help.

To learn about your options for purchasing solar, accessing financing from JERA developer partners, or connecting with our developer partners for an assessment of your property, please visit our I Want to Go Solar page.

PV/PV+ Installers, Engineers, and Contractors

If you are a PV/PV+ installer, engineer, or contractor, our program offers trainings, opportunities to connect with potential customers, and informational resources to demystify regulatory and administrative processes.

To learn about these benefits and sign-up for program participation, visit the I am a Solar Professional page.

PV/PV+ Advocates, Regulators, and Policymakers

JERA seeks to continuously engage with Jamaica’s PV/PV+ advocates, regulators, and policymakers around opportunities to expand the PV/PV+ market to improve Jamaica’s energy sector resilience.

If you are a PV/PV+ advocate, regulator, or policymaker and would like to learn more about how to engage with JERA, please complete our contact form on our Contact Us page.

News and Highlights

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