Nathan Smith Named Top Climate Change Execs to Watch in 2024

WashingtonExec recognizes Nathan Smith as one of the top climate change executives to watch in 2024. The text below is taken from the interview with Nathan Smith posted on Washington Executive’s website.

About Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith and his team achieved significant milestones by aligning various business lines within Cadmus to amplify their impact on climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.

With decades of experience, they’ve cultivated an interdisciplinary firm capable of tackling global climate challenges. Their focus now is on leveraging these capabilities collectively to address climate issues in exceptional ways.

Cadmus recently achieved significant milestones by collaborating between its water and homeland security teams to support EPA in enhancing resilience in the water sector.

Additionally, the company used its climate resilience team to assist FEMA in preparing for and responding to more frequent and severe natural disasters caused by climate change. Furthermore, Cadmus has prioritized climate equity in global projects like the Jamaica Energy Resilience Alliance and the Reconnecting Communities Institute.

“Nathan Smith has been essential to Cadmus’ growth throughout his tenure, both as a business leader and as a subject matter expert,” said Cadmus President and CEO Ian Kline. “He brings exceptional insight and strategies to help our clients address the myriad complex challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and fosters an environment within his division that empowers rising leaders to do the same. His vision and steady leadership in the dynamic public sector market are invaluable as Cadmus expands, builds new connections between practice areas, and continues to strengthen our capabilities.”

Why Watch

In 2024, Smith’s team is focused on accelerating and maximizing the impact of critical clean energy, climate, and resilience programs funded by the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Through this work, they’re helping federal, state and local government clients develop programs that will have a lasting impact, creating a legacy that continues to positively benefit the U.S. and its citizens far beyond the present moment.

“It has become abundantly clear that climate change is not limited to a single industry or issue,” he said. “For real progress to be made in reducing the impact from climate change and building resilience going forward, climate considerations must be built into everything we do. That interconnectedness is the beacon guiding Cadmus strategy and growth and will continue to be essential to our vision in the future.”

Fun fact: A significant part of Smith’s work centers on sustainable transportation, which remains both a professional and personal passion for him. He’s dedicated to biking the 60-mile round-trip commute to the office once a week and using his electric vehicle for the remaining days.

About Cadmus

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