Cadmus Internships
Cadmus Welcomes Summer 2023 Interns

Each summer, we are pleased to welcome interns who share our drive to make an impact.

We are delighted to introduce our 2023 interns and honored to give them an opportunity to enrich themselves, the Cadmus community, and our broader communities.

Lean more about the 2023 Cadmus interns.

Ashley Choy headshot

Ashley Choy

What drives you?

When entering college, I chose the major environmental engineering because of my love for the environment and my desire to help communities become more resilient against climate change. These same values are what drive me today, and I am very grateful to be able to pursue a career that aligns with my interests.

Isabella Cortes headshot

Isabella Cortes

Why did you choose to intern at Cadmus?

I wanted to be an intern at Cadmus because not only did I want professional development, but I also wanted to use my summer to make a difference. Cadmus’ focus on the environment and sustainability caught my attention and I knew I wanted to be part of their solution.

Yovela Debesay headshot

Yovela Debesay

What drives you?

As a first-generation Eritrean American, I have always been driven by the work ethic, grit, and commitment to sustaining one’s character demonstrated by my parents through their journey of becoming familiar with the United States. Their embodiment of these traits motivates me to do the same and further the impact of their legacies by working towards furthering the development of the region of the world where they came from. This is what drives me in the field of international development.

Anjali Donnelly headshot

Anjali Donnelly

Why did you choose to intern at Cadmus?

I am interested in the intersection between social justice, policy, and science, and Cadmus was an amazing opportunity to explore what that looked like in the real world. I also really like how the work at Cadmus is focused on creating systematic positive change for the future.

Jacy Hoffmann headshot

Jacy Hoffmann

What drives you?

I’ve always believed that learning should be lifelong. I live by this by seeking experiences, whether it’s gaining professional experience at Cadmus or exploring opportunities within my school community. Meeting new challenges and people has allowed me to expand my perspective and knowledge.

Aashima Pathania headshot

Aashima Pathania

What drives you?

My motivation as a Cadmus financial services intern comes from a desire to comprehend and evaluate economic concepts. I'm inspired by the chance to put my knowledge to use in the real world, contribute to the company's success, and pick the brains of seasoned experts. During my internship at Cadmus, I'm eager to expand my knowledge of the financial sector and acquire real-world experience.

Irving Mendez Rivas headshot

Irving Mendez Rivas

Why did you choose to intern at Cadmus?

I chose Cadmus because of its stellar reputation in advancing societal resilience and sustainability. Moreover, their interdisciplinary approach in addressing national emergencies and the opportunity to work alongside and learn from leaders in the field strongly aligned with my personal and professional growth objectives.

Sonia Tavik headshot

Sonia Tavik

Why did you choose to intern at Cadmus?

I chose to intern with Cadmus because of the environment and the passion that is shown through the work. From the start, everyone made me feel so comfortable and welcome, while simultaneously challenging me in ways that have helped me grow in both my field and also in general.