European Climate Pact

Uniting a Support System to Build a More Sustainable Europe

Client: European Commission, DG Clima
Partner: ICF


The Climate Pact supports the core strategic initiative of the European Union’s Green Deal through an extensive, Europe-wide stakeholder campaign. It is aimed at all citizens and stakeholders of the 27 Member States, using a variety of methods and formats and encouraging stakeholders to participate in a broad discussion on the goals of the Green Deal and make a personal contribution through a “Climate Pledge”. The main target groups of the campaign are citizens, especially those who are more difficult to win over to the goals of the Green Deal, and young people, as well as relevant organizations, from companies, municipalities, and regions to schools, universities, associations, foundations, and youth organizations. The methodological approaches are strongly participatory and developed in a co-creative manner in close collaboration with the stakeholders involved.

ifok’s tasks include:

  • Conception and coordination of the outreach & engagement strategies of the campaign, both for citizens and organizations, with a special focus on activities with young people (15-30 years) and Climate Pact Ambassadors
  • Carrying out a Europe-wide stakeholder analysis
  • Conception and implementation of peer parliaments (participatory debates on European climate goals) followed by a series of round tables with reflections on the peer parliament results by policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Conception and implementation of Local Collective Narratives and Prototyping for Action workshops
  • Structure and content of a knowledge hub (central learning and networking platform)
  • Management of the Climate Pact Partner network for the implementation of all activities in 27 member states

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